CONNX Overview

CONNX provides reusable secure, real-time read/write access to multiple heterogeneous data sources as if they were one database. With CONNX a single metadata model can be created that spans all enterprise data sources and applications requiring data access. The result is an enterprise-wide view of data that provides a reusable standards-based framework for information access.

Here are just some of the ways CONNX can be utilised.

Web/Application Integration

Developing tactical and strategic applications that have access to all of the data needed by the end user, while preserving your options with open architecture standards.

Enhanced Reporting

Use popular tools, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Excel, Lotus, Cognos, Business Objects, Brio, Access or Crystal Report Writer to present users with decision support information directly from multiple transactional databases.

Data Migration/ Warehousing

CONNX can act as a data-pump from and to multiple disparate data sources, allowing the connectivity you need to move your data.

Preservation of Existing Systems investment

CONNX helps preserve your existing systems investment. This is accomplished by letting you continue to utilize those systems while reducing workload and resource stress through movement of many functions to the client. Because CONNX allows you to access existing systems you can bring new applications on line as needed, with minimal disruption to your enterprise.

CONNX is Real Time

Unlike data warehousing products that require the IS department to physically move data from the transactional system to a relational database periodically, CONNX enables users to access data directly from transaction database sources. Because it is based on industry-standard ODBC, OLEDB JDBC and .NET technology, CONNX enables organizations to access multiple, disparate data sources, while presenting end-users with a single, consistent interface.

CONNX is Robust

CONNX is a scalable solution designed for business-critical production environments, and performs a number of performance enhancing tasks, including SQL optimization on single and multi-keyed indexes and multi-table joins. By off-loading much of the processing required for data extraction to the Client, CONNX minimizes the impact of accessing data on the transactional system.

CONNX is Secure

CONNX not only respects existing security implementations. It allows you additional user, group, row, field, table and database security.

CONNX is Vendor Neutral

Because CONNX is based on open standards your enterprise is not locked into one proprietary solution. CONNX allows you flexibility for today and the future.

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