About Generix

About Generix Limited

We are based in the UK and were founded in 1996. We are the European Partner for CONNX Solutions by Software AG which provides Data Access, Data Virtualization, Data Replication and Data Visualization solutions for our customers Enterprise Data.

Generix Limited and CONNX Solutions have worked together since 1996, which is a long relationship in the tech world and says a great deal for the product and the people we work with at CONNX. Some of our customers have been using CONNX for nearly as long.

Over the years we have supported the use of CONNX by customers across a range of industries, from simple data access for reporting…all the way through to Pan-European enterprise level strategic implementations.

About CONNX Solutions by Software AG

CONNX Solutions are based in the USA and were founded in 1989. The first version of CONNX was an API that enabled access to traditionally non-accessible data sources (i.e. legacy and mainframe). Today, CONNX Solutions comprise a full-featured suite of data access and integration solutions that allows simultaneous secure, real-time, read/write access to all of an organization’s different and sometimes incompatible data sources – regardless of location.

CONNX Solutions were a strategic acquisition by Software AG in 2016 in order to secure access to critical data integration and replication technology to support their Adabas & Natural 2050 agenda.

CONNX is being continuously developed to enable our customers to continue to meet their current and future business requirements.

How we work with our customers

We work very closely with our customers, whether that is the end user or systems integrators, to understand their requirements and how CONNX can be used as part of their strategy and solution.

We are dedicated to making data access problems obsolete so our customers can maximize the strategic value of their data.

We ensure that CONNX meets our customers requirements by providing and supporting evaluations and proof of concepts where required.

We get to know our customers and they get to know us, after all there is a good chance that we will be working together for many years as CONNX becomes part of your organization’s business requirements.

We feel that we have a good partnership approach with Generix who were keen to understand our business requirements.

- David Rabjohns, Information Systems Manager for NHS Supply Chain

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about how CONNX can help you and your organization, please contact us. We’d love to help you.

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