Distributed SQL Engine

Balancing the computing capacity of your database servers with the everyday needs of users within the business is a common challenge.

For example, will running a lot of sales reports impact the performance of the ecommerce platform?

It’s not a decision that should have to be made. CONNX improves data access and performance by distributing SQL execution between the client and the server to fully take advantage of the processing powers of each.

For example, the server is responsible for data retrieval, but the client system takes care of sorting and grouping the query results, essentially splitting the workload and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Distributed SQL Engine



Data access, not data duplication
No duplicated data is sent across the network when using the distributed SQL engine, which will optimise processes, speed up query execution, and greatly reduce strain on your network.
Efficient division of tasks
Server workload is kept to a minimum by ensuring that client CPUs execute the tasks for which they are best suited. This has the added bonus of keeping network traffic to a minimum.
Parallel processing
Multiple user queries are run on the client side for true parallel processing. The amount of resources available to CONNX increase as you add clients, providing the ideal situation for scalability.

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