Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization with CONNX

Virtualization is an essential process for data management, taking data from disparate sources and systems and making it accessible in one place.

With simplified SQL-based virtualization possible across more than 150 data sources, CONNX is one of the most effective data virtualization tools available on the market, trusted by businesses around the world.

Unlike an ETL (extract, transform and load) process which copies data from the target source, data virtualization from CONNX allows real-time access to the source data.

Key data virtualization features and benefits


Combine and access information from multiple sources in one place.


Reduces pressure on IT resources and improves productivity.


Improving version control and integrity by removing the need for ETL duplication.


Reduce data storage requirements, risk of errors and system workload.


Leverage all of your data in the same place to make better decisions.

SQL-based virtualization of data with CONNX

CONNX lets you access real-time data from multiple sources – whether a data warehouse, cloud platform, database or even an Excel spreadsheet – in a single virtual view, without the need for duplication.

The benefits are obvious – streamlined processes, reduced risk, and the ability to leverage data in a much more practical, manageable way, making it a key part of your decision-making processes.

CONNX also provides secure cross-platform access and advanced metadata management features, making it the ideal choice for organisations that have essential data spread across multiple databases, applications and formats.

Users can also enhance the CONNX platform with migration, visualization and analytics functions to make your data go further, all with one powerful data management tool.

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