CONNX InfoNaut Professional

InfoNaut Professional is a desktop query/reporting tool that enables end users to quickly access information from enterprise data sources.

InfoNaut was designed to meet the needs of CONNX customers who wish to access information simply and quickly and to present reports in a readable format. Queries and SQL statements created in InfoNaut Professional can be saved as XML files, Microsoft Query .dqy files, Microsoft Excel .xls files, HTML pages, Active Server Pages (.asp), .csv files, .sql files, and .txt files.


The Report Writer feature of InfoNaut Professional enables users to create reports from table information or queries. Reports can be used for simple or formal presentations and can be quickly customized using the range of formatting tools.

Reports created with the InfoNaut Report Writer can be saved as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, HTML pages, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Rich Text Format files, .tif files, .csv files, and .txt files.

InfoNaut Professional at a glance


Query recall
Connection recall
Asynchronous execution


Read/write capability
View query execution
Simple query design
Cross-platform joins
Save in multiple formats
Create reports


Industry standards-based
Universal SQL syntax

Easy to use

Metadata repository
User-friendly GUI


NT integrated security

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