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Cloud Technology Solutions with CONNX

The benefits of cloud-based solutions for businesses are obvious. They allow flexibility, mobility, efficient collaboration and scalability – often at a reduced cost.

Having access to your data any time, anywhere, through an online service, has transformed the way many of us do business.

In addition, cloud backup solutions for business are a key part of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Using CONNX as a cloud-based solution

Regardless of your reasons for using cloud solutions, it can often be a frustrating experience to integrate new web-based technology with existing databases and platforms. This is where CONNX excels – with a huge range of database connectors available, CONNX allows you to connect your data whether it’s in the cloud or on premise.

Using the single metadata model provided through CONNX, you can obtain an organisation-wide view of data. CONNX also supports the creation of views which allow you to hide table relationships from the end user – one seamless system that works across multiple databases and platforms.

Combined with further CONNX integrations, these cloud platforms can be connected seamlessly to 150 databases.

CONNX for Amazon RDS

Move and synchronize your data with CONNX to Amazon RDS DB Instances in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

CONNX for Amazon Redshift

Move and synchronize your data with CONNX to Amazon Redshift – Amazon’s fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution in the AWS cloud.

CONNX for Azure

Move and synchronize your data with CONNX to Microsoft Azure, the fastest-growing cloud platform on the market.

CONNX for Snowflake

Move and synchronize your data with CONNX to Snowflake – the data warehouse and data lake built for the cloud.

More CONNX use cases

Learn more about the powerful ways in which CONNX can help you manage your data, enhance staff performance and improve business-critical processes.

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