CONNX DataSync for Microsoft SSIS

Change Data Capture with SSIS and SQL Server through CONNX.

Using Microsoft SSIS packages with CONNX is a useful tool for accessing change data in our 150 supported data sources allowing you to make incremental updates to a data warehouse in a highly efficient way.

CONNX DataSync integration with SQL Server SSIS

The CONNX SSIS CDC Connector enables SQL Server SSIS Packages to incrementally process data instead of performing a full “extract and load” each time the package is run.

This incremental processing of data provides the following benefits:

  • Saves time – incremental updates are faster than full loads
  • Allows the target to stay live 24/7
  • Removes the limitation of SSIS packages only running during a batch window
  • Enhanced Audit capability – ability to track changes compared to full dump and load

CONNX DataSync provides complete control of CDC processing from within SSIS. Choose either full CDC or just inserts and updates with no deletes.

Once DataSync is enabled, it will be a pull-down option from within SSIS. By using CONNX, you will also be able to connect to any of the multiple databases and sources the platform supports.

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