Data Access

Simplified Data Access with CONNX

Improving access to data is where CONNX truly comes into its own. With simplified SQL data access to a truly extensive range of data sources through CONNX database connectors, you can unlock enterprise data from multiple sources and access it in real time in a single platform.

CONNX is different to an extract, transform and load (ETL) process, instead leaving your original data intact whether it’s in a mainframe, legacy, big data or cloud system. This greatly reduces the risk of errors and data loss, as well as workload.

With the largest range of database connectors in the industry, CONNX is trusted by businesses around the world for a huge range of applications.

Key data access features and benefits


Metadata management gives you full control over your data.


Keep sensitive data safe with secure access.


Utilise real-time data and deliver integration projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


Use one piece of software to connect to and communicate with over 150 data sources.

Data connectors and support

CONNX provides simplified SQL connectivity to an extensive and unrivalled range of legacy, relational, big data and cloud databases across platforms such as mainframe, OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and the desktop, as well as read/write SQL data access that supports ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC®, J2EE® and .NET® technologies.

To explore the full list of data sources, from C-ISAM, IMS, RMS and VSAM, to MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Azure and much, much more, take a look at our full list of connectors.

Enhanced security

Cross-platform security can be complex, with multiple database logins required and secure access rights set in each system. CONNX brings all of this into one place, securely managing logins with single sign-on and access directly.

Extra add-ons

CONNX is far from limited to one function – the platform can be easily be enhanced with data visualization, migration, replication and capabilities that can completely transform your data access and management processes.

Find out more

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