Legacy Interoperability

Enhance your business applications with CONNX

We help you free your data stored in:

  • RMS files, Oracle Rdb and Oracle Codasyl DBMS on OpenVMS.
  • DB2, IMS and VSAM on IBM Mainframe.
  • C-ISAM, D-ISAM, DataFlex and Micro Focus ISAM files on Linux, Unix and Windows.

So it’s shareable, usable and powerful - enabling you to make the best decisions and unlock entirely new possibilities for growth.

By taking a non-invasive approach to integrating your core systems with new technologies, CONNX solutions accelerate innovation by building on what works.

Simplified data access and replication for your data

Grant your users an enterprise-wide view of data that is easily understood and accessible by standard SQL applications of their choice.

Keep your data warehouses and data lakes in sync with DataSync

Key benefits

  • Open your data to new channels, applications and business services with greater ease.
  • Give business users direct access to real-time data through SQL based business intelligence, KPI and dashboard tools.
  • Access your data via ODBC, OLE-DB, .NET and JDBC.
  • Eliminate the need for large and resource-intensive bulk data refreshes by synchronizing data incrementally.
  • Reuse existing business logic with current technologies to quickly provide a new presentation layer to users.
  • Lower your operational costs.
  • Preserve your investments.

But this is by no means the limit of CONNX’s capabilities. If you have specific data access or replication challenges that you need to address, talk to the Generix team – we’ll be able to discuss your unique requirements in greater detail.

More CONNX use cases

Learn more about the powerful ways in which CONNX can help you manage your data, enhance staff performance and improve business-critical processes.

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To learn more about CONNX, request a trial of the software, or discuss any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Generix team. As the European partner for Software AG and CONNX, we are the ideal team to help make your CONNX installation in Europe a success.

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