Data Dictionary

Metadata management through CONNX

The CONNX Data Dictionary (CDD) stores all of the metadata on each data source, presented through an easy-to-use GUI for easy management and maintenance of data tables and fields across your entire CONNX network.

In addition, the CDD gives you an overview of stored procedures, security and views. It is a powerful tool and an essential part of the CONNX architecture.

A reference tool

Allows you to easily view the structure of tables and files you are accessing on any platform, with multiple views of the same data.

Enterprise-wide data view

A single metadata model no matter how many applications you are using for data access and management. Also uses CONNX views to combine data from multiple sources.

Easy to use

CONNX can be used to directly import metadata from existing file layouts with no restructuring required. Also facilities the automatic conversion of legacy data types to SQL.

Flexible access

Databases, flat files, OLE DB and ODBC-compliant data sources can be used and accessed. The data dictionary can also reside on a shared server disk or client computer.

Advanced security

Maintains and respects all existing software/database security while also providing additional security options at a user or group level, as well as highly granular row, field and table-level options. Added encrypted metadata and password security to prevent unauthorized modifications and single sign-on for multiple data sources makes CONNX a highly secure solution.

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