CONNX DataSync Transformation Server

Transform ALL of Your Enterprise Data

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server is an ETL solution enabling you to perform limitless combinations of full and incremental change data capture transformations on all of your enterprise data.

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server lets you seamlessly extract, transform and load non-relational and relational data throughout your organization.

Many of the ETL tools on the market today require that you provide your own database drivers, a task that can be particularly difficult if you need to connect to data on OpenVMS, UNIX or IBM Mainframe platforms. Or, they require you to do extracts, a task that can be daunting and time consuming.

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server easily solves the complex problem of accessing and joining dissimilar data stores residing on UNIX, Windows, OpenVMS or Mainframe servers by leveraging our secure, scalable and time-tested SQL Data Access engine.



Create transformations that seamlessly combine data from multiple data sources.
Simplifies data warehouse implementation.
Detects which records have been added, deleted, or changed, and inserts, updates, or deletes the corresponding data in the data warehouse snapshot tables.
Reduces time and resource utilization required to update target data store.
Perform incremental inserts and updates based on analysis of existing timestamp fields in the source tables.
Increases performance in distributed and wide area networks.
Select single tables, use our integrated graphical query builder to specify source data from multiple tables, or write custom SQL statements.
Flexible ETL designer interface supports beginning and advanced users.
Select source data using complex SQL operations such as views, aggregation, table joins, subqueries, filtering and sorting.
Provides advanced control over source data selection.
Complete, built-in scheduler service runs data synchronization jobs at the appropriate time.
Simplifies synchronization task automation.
Task execution - command, batch and executable files can be triggered to run before and/or after a synchronization job runs.
Expands the reach of transformation jobs with command line support.
Each file in the synchronization process may be scheduled independently or as a group.
Offers flexibility in synchronization task automation.
Built-in email notification makes it easy to for staff to determine the status of both manual and scheduled ETL tasks.
Minimizes the time and effort required to monitor transformations.

CONNX DataSync

Use SQL to create transforms that span multiple source tables

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server features a Transform Wizard that guides you through the process of setting up simple, single table transforms, or customized transforms using our SQL query builder to join tables across databases in your enterprise. Take advantage of our integrated query builder or write your own SQL statements.

Identify your target database

After selecting your source data, the Transform Wizard lets you create a new target table or use an existing table in the database you select to house your transformed data.

Column mapping

From the Transform Wizard’s Column Mapping tab you can add, remove, reposition or change attributes on the fields in your target table. Target table names, datatypes, lengths, precisions and scales can all be manipulated from the Column Mapping tab.

Index mapping

In addition to suggested indexes that the Transform Wizard has discovered on your source tables, you can also create new primary, unique indexes for your target tables. In fact, the incremental synchronization capability of DataSync Transformation Server relies on the existence of unique indexes on your target tables. The Transform Wizard makes it easy to combine columns from any of your source tables, regardless of the databases they reside in, to create new and truly unique indexes on your target tables.

Easy to use

The CONNX DataSync Administrator allows you to create and manage your transforms as well as configure global settings for your synchronization and transformation environment. Use the CONNX DataSync Administrator to schedule incremental or full data synchronizations, launch tasks to run before or after a synchronization and configure automated email notification for status updates on synchronization jobs.

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