Connectivity Types

Multiple ways to connect to data sources through CONNX

With CONNX, you are not limited - support is provided for a huge range of data sources and connectivity types.

Learn more about the ways in which CONNX can connect below.

J2EE Architecture

Supports the cross-platform creation and distribution of enterprise applications. CONNX connects to J2EE architecture through a pure Java JDBC driver to access both relational and non-relational data, and can make non-relational sources such as C-ISAM, RMS, VSAM and so on appear as true relational databases.


Oracle JDBC is a programming language standard for connecting to databases that support SQL. The CONNX JDBC driver enables connectivity to all types of databases and, combined with the CONNX data dictionary, allows a means of using a huge range of querying and application development tools.

CONNX JDBC is a Type 3 pure driver Java implementation, which means it can be run on any platform that supports Java and is designed to take advantage of the CONNX architecture.


The Windows .NET framework is widely used for developing web-based applications of all kinds – paired with CONNX, it can seamlessly access enterprise data to connect legacy data to powerful web-based applications. Sources that can be accessed include VSAM, IMS, C-ISAM, RMS, Rdb, Dataflex, Powerflex, Codasyl DBMS, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and Informix.


The CONNX ODBC driver is a dynamic-link library used to access data from remote systems, opening up the potential for using a huge range of querying and app development tools. CONNX can be connected to any ODBC-compliant software.


By creating an OLE DB Provider and Consumer within the CONNX core architecture, the potential for connecting to platforms that lack a native CONNX client has been greatly expanded, as well as simplifying connection options and integrating .NET support.


CONNX + .NET and XML combined provides powerful functionality for users, allowing them to import or export any dataset from or to XML documents. Also, any CONNX query is instantly XML-enabled providing complete XML services across all of your enterprise data.

64 bit

The CONNX 64 bit Data Bridge enables any 64 bit aware application to communicate to a 32 bit ODBC or OLEDB provider. For example, this enables SQL Server linked server connections (from a 64 bit instance of SQL Server) to communicate to legacy 32 bit ODBC drivers.

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