Data Access Architecture

How does the CONNX architecture provide superior data access?

There are five main components to the data access model that underpins CONNX. Combined with an extensive range of data sources, CONNX provides exceptional data access capabilities aimed at ensuring an efficient use of resources combined with flexible yet secure access.

CONNX Data Server

Low-latency and low-impact access that minimizes disk resource and memory utilization is possible through the CONNX Data Server, which translates SQL statements into a database’s native language. This means the statements are invisible to the end user thanks to the CONNX Client (see below). Security is assured both at a database level, and at a user and group level.

CONNX Data Dictionary

A master dictionary of the tables and fields across every data source that you’re connecting to, containing the metadata on all of the underlying database through an easy-to-use interface. For more information on the CONNX Data Dictionary, click here.

CONNX Client

The CONNX Client supports ODBC .NET and OLEDB to submit data requests to the right source, and return the results. It uses SQL statements for access and is connected to the data dictionary for metadata management. One big benefit is that any ODBC .NET and OLEDB compliant application can be used to access your data sources, opening up even more potential for data access.

CONNX JDBC Driver Thin Client

Read/write access to your data sources with Java applications on any platform is accomplished with the CONNX JDBC driver thin client.


Working together with the JDBC thin client, the CONNX JDBC server on Windows, Linux and UNIX can access all of our supported data sources.

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