Data Migration

Managing Data Migration Processes with CONNX

While many of the functions provided by CONNX mean you may be able to effectively avoid the need for a time-consuming data migration process, it's also an effective tool for doing just that.

The ability to connect more than 150 data sources to move and transform data between them makes it an ideal data movement resource.

Powerful data migration tools

Move and migrate data across RDBMS, big data, cloud and legacy platforms with CONNX. A data center migration to AWS, for example, or an Oracle to big data migration can be seamless, using standard SQL and metadata management to provide full control and flexibility.

Other data migration scenarios covered by CONNX include:

  • Transactional databases (i.e. IMS or VSAM) to big data or data lake environments.
  •  Transforming legacy data sources such as RMS files on OpenVMS using Extract, Transformation, Load capabilities to a cloud or data warehouse system.
  • MySQL and SQL databases to cloud services, whether Microsoft Azure, an Amazon AWS platform and beyond.
  • Vendor-specific RDBMS to an open source system, or consolidating a multi-vendor RDBMS to a single platform.

But this is by no means the limit of CONNX’s capabilities. If you have specific data center migration challenges that you need to address, talk to the Generix team – we’ll be able to discuss your unique requirements in greater detail.

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To learn more about CONNX, request a trial of the software, or discuss any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Generix team. As the European partner for Software AG and CONNX, we are the ideal team to help make your CONNX installation in Europe a success.

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