Data Replication

Data Replication with CONNX

Data increasingly needs to be in more than one place at once – multiple sources feeding into multiple platforms, accessed from multiple locations as the workforce becomes more and more mobile.

A data replication solution for ensuring everyone has access to the same data wherever they are is essential, and this is what CONNX provides. Reliable, dependable and accurate, with minimal impact on your core infrastructure, CONNX creates accurate and up-to-date copies in both real-time and near real-time, while synchronizing effortlessly with the source data.

Key data replication and synchronization features and benefits


Reflect changes from single and multiple data sources, and integrate data in real and near real-time.


Full control over metadata management and user access.


Incredibly quick and easy to get up and running, and reduces need for manual operation.


CONNX can be extended with a variety of data access and management functions.

Make your data work for you and your team with CONNX

CONNX is the platform of choice for companies looking to replicate operational data sources to Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Cloud applications for use with Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data processes, as well as a huge variety of applications.

With standard SQL connectivity to 150 data sources, a wide variety of options for software add-ons and scalability, and excellent security, it is trusted to handle high-value data around the world.

Real-time/near real-time data replication

CONNX InstantdbSync replicates Adabas in real-time, to a number of Cloud, Big Data, Relational or non-relational databases on most operating systems or platforms and has been designed to be highly scalable, easy to use, and reliable.

CONNX DataSync for Mainframes, OpenVMS, Linux, UNIX, Windows and desktop data sources is handled in near real-time, using a low-latency Change Data Capture (CDC) by incrementally updating only those records that have changed, allowing you to schedule tasks in a way that suits your processes – whether that’s on a minute-to-minute basis, or once a day during a low-use period.

SQL-based transformation and queries

CONNX uses a graphical query builder for simple, straightforward and comprehensive table and field mapping, with additional functions to tailor the process exactly to your requirements and opening the software up to complex filters and sorting. You can also add CONNX to Microsoft SSIS for additional SQL server support.

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