Data Integration

Data Integration with CONNX

Data integration is an essential part of digital strategy, playing a key role in developing internal transformation and new business initiatives. The ease with which an organisation can share and access data is increasingly important as a means to compete.

CONNX is a software solution designed to provide comprehensive integration capabilities across distributed and heterogeneous data landscapes, and to make it happen quickly and securely.

Using CONNX as a data integration platform

Cross-platform integration

Integrate data across OpenVMS, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Amazon Redshift, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and much, much more, from big data and cloud sources to legacy and desktop systems Рincluding as an Oracle data integrator. CONNX allows you to use over 150 data connectors to integrate data from the widest range of sources available on the market.

Flexible data management

Integrate data in near real time or real time, depending on business schedules and requirements, and IT department and infrastructure resources. Data integration through CONNX is quick and easy to implement, too, powering your decision making and helping you use your data to gain a competitive advantage. A vendor-neutral software package, CONNX is based on open standards rather than locking you into one solution.

Data integration solutions

Integrating your data using CONNX improves data access across your organisation, bringing disparate sources together in one place, as if it was one database, and making visualization and virtualization of all of your data far more practical and useful.

More CONNX use cases

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