CONNX Architecture

How CONNX works

CONNX provides simplified data access solutions to enhance your existing database platforms.

With CONNX, multiple data sources, no matter their structure or file type, can be managed and accessed as one virtual database. Simplicity is key – using open-standards based drivers and providing fast, stable and dependable read/write access to a huge range of data sources means users and developers alike have almost unlimited flexibility in how they work with their data.

Data Access Architecture

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Distributed SQL Engine

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Data Dictionary

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Connectivity Types

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CONNX is a truly powerful platform, with a wide range of features and uses. Take a closer look at what it can do for you.

CONNX Use Cases

Take an in-depth look at how CONNX can be used – a truly versatile solution to a wide range of data challenges.

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Browse through our resources, including case studies on how other organizations have used CONNX.

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