Data Visualization

Data Visualization with CONNX

Accessing your data in one place is only the first step – the ability to visualize this data in a meaningful way is essential for understanding it, which in turn allows users to make informed, meaningful decisions.

CONNX’s powerful data visualization tools allow you to visualize and assess your data across any smartphone, PC or tablet – and with CONNX’s extensive list of DB adapters, you can connect from the reporting platform of your choice, with access to almost any legacy, relational, non-relational, big data and cloud data source on the market.

Key data visualization features and benefits

Real time

Visualize data in real time across any device.


Straightforward, web-enabled reporting for both employees and customers.


Simplify reporting further still through the CONNX Add-on for Excel.


Free up IT time and resources by improving access for the end user.


Tailor CONNX for your organisation – connect to any ODBC, OLEDB, JDBC®, J2EE® or .NET® compliant application, report writer or development tool.

Maximising the value of your data with visualization from CONNX

CONNX will help you visualize your data in a number of ways, giving your users flexibility to handle queries and review meaningful, actionable reports and metrics across both desktop and mobile devices.

CONNX also allows you to tailor these to the exact needs of your internal teams or clients with plugins for integration with Excel, as well as desktop querying and data reporting tools that include intuitive query and SQL statement builders.

CONNX Add-on for EXCEL

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly widely used and easy-to-understand platform for viewing and reporting business data. The CONNX Add-on for Excel makes for an ideal visualization tool, working with CONNX’s 150+ supported databases and opening up its wide-ranging data management capabilities without altering the source data.


KPISync is a mobile business intelligence application that allows you to deliver KPIs across all areas of a business, no matter where your teams are located and what devices they are using. The application makes it incredibly simple to define your KPIs, query your enterprise data, and then push reports to all parties through the cloud.

CONNX InfoNaut

InfoNaut combines desktop querying, data reporting and SQL statement building in one convenient platform. Designed with ease of use in mind, you can access enterprise data contained in existing

relational and non-relational databases across your organisation, and create and quickly share customised queries and reports.

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