Generix Limited to continue as CONNX in Europe.

CONNX Solutions has been acquired by Software AG.

The acquisition of CONNX by Software AG has the benefit of inheriting its established European Distributor, Generix Limited. Generix has been a CONNX partner for over 20 years and have earned an excellent reputation for working with customers on their data access strategy and associated ongoing support.

“Generix welcomed the announcement of the Software AG acquisition of CONNX. It is clear that Software AG has a long term vision based on the importance of CONNX as an integral part of customer data strategies. CONNX Solutions will now be part of a much larger, market leading organization which significantly enhances its operational and executional capabilities in global markets. CONNX customers will gain access to a much broader product portfolio and service infrastructure offered by Software AG. Generix and Software AG will not only continue to fully support the current CONNX product portfolio, but customers will now benefit even more from the software innovations they offer. We look forward to exploring avenues of joint inspiration and innovation with SAG in the near future.” Stated Leonard Klejnow, Business Development Director of Generix Limited.

“The acquisition of CONNX has been a strategic decision for Software AG globally. Generix is our longest standing partner and distributor. Over the years they have been ‘CONNX in Europe’. Apart from working together to grow CONNX’ business we also look forward to working with Generix to introduce our wider portfolio to their existing and new customers.” Stated Harpal Gill, Senior VP of CONNX Solutions, Inc.

Generix Limited have been CONNX Solutions European partner for over 20 years and have customers across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications.

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