CONNX 12 now includes Real-time ETL Solution InstantdbSync, Streaming Analytics Solution KPiSync, Excel Add-in, Enhanced Big Data and Amazon Redshift Support.

Generix Limited is delighted to announce the release of
CONNX 12. Building on CONNX 11.5’s core technology, this significant release provides new solutions to meet modern business data movement and access needs; such as Real-time data manipulation, Mobile/Cloud based solutions, Big Data support, Enterprise reporting, and so much more.

InstantdbSync is a Real-time Replication/Synchronization, Change Data Capture, and Data Warehousing tool. The InstantdbSync solution gives companies the ability to seamlessly move data from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, Cloud, desktop, or In-memory databases for easier access, data reporting, and analysis.

KPiSync is a Mobile Application to help users ‘Visualize your Key Business Metrics on any device in real time’. The CONNX KPiSync solution was designed with the purpose of providing users with a quick and easy method of delivering Key Performance Indicators from all facets of a business to users via any device, smartphone, tablet, or PC. It is available for all Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

Excel Add-In allows for quicker and easier data access to any data source within Microsoft Excel. If you prefer Excel for viewing, reporting and manipulating your business data, then this is the perfect solution for fast and reliable access. With Add–on Pro for Excel, any user has the ability to view and extract data with full Excel capabilities without any worry of altering the source data. The CONNX wizard allows a streamlined connection to be established and data selection for 150+ supported databases and platforms. New in CONNX 12, Add–on for Excel now allows editing of filtered data sets. More specifically data sets generated with SQL Statements containing “where” criteria.

CONNX 12 includes enhanced support for Big Data, Amazon RDS and Redshift, SQL Server 2014, and more than 110 Databases.

“CONNX continues to be improved and enhanced to enable organisations to take advantage of ever changing technology to remaim competitive”, said Anthony Lightfoot, Product Manager at Generix Limited.

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