Silentnight Group Empowers Users with CONNX

Silentnight Group is the market leader in two sectors of the UK domestic furniture market - beds and assembled cabinet furniture. Across these divisions, the group includes assured, well-known brands with high levels of consumer awareness, including Silentnight Beds, Sealy and Rest Assured. The Group remains the largest carrier of furniture direct into UK homes, having the capacity to deliver nationwide at short notice.

The Business Challenge

Darryl Pettie, MIS Manager describes their situation:

“The group have been using an integrated manufacturing and financial application since 1992 running on OpenVMS using RMS files to store the business data.

“With the advent of business intelligence tools we needed a way of accessing the RMS files directly to empower the users to facilitate informed business decisions. This also enabled MIS to concentrate on new business development areas”.

The Solution

“We evaluated CONNX for RMS against our existing ODBC driver which we found was slow and difficult to maintain. This meant we were unable to satisfy our users requirements.

“CONNX for RMS from Generix provided a fast, scaleable and easy to maintain solution.

“We have now been using CONNX since 1999 at eight of our businesses throughout the UK.”


The Benefits

  • CONNX enables the Silentnight Group to retain and exploit the investment in their existing applications.
  • CONNX provides seamless integration with their business intelligence tools from COGNOS.
  • CONNX offers high performance and cost effectiveness.
  • CONNX empowers our users, enabling them to facilitate informed business decisions.

The Future

Silentnight Group are now investigating developing an intranet/extranet using CONNX to distribute and publish information.

“Support from Generix has been excellent. During our evaluation, we found a requirement for a new data type, which CONNX quickly developed. Generix are always pro-active in providing us with information and help.”

- Darryl Pettie, MIS Manager for Silentnight Group

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