Effortless Data Replication to Snowflake® with CONNX

Let us show you how with CONNX.

Realize all the benefits of moving your data to the cloud while keeping all your diverse data sources in sync with CONNX. With more than 150+ database adapters and a distributed SQL Engine, CONNX is the only solution you need to maintain your Snowflake data warehouse or data lake.

You have made the smart decision to move your data to Snowflake—the data warehouse and data lake built for the cloud. Now you need to ensure your data in the cloud is reliable and up-to-date while not compromising your source systems’ uptime and performance.

With CONNX, you can replicate your enterprise data from virtually any data source to Snowflake, capturing changes from single or multiple data sources.

In one integrated environment, CONNX provides connectivity to a wide spectrum of databases—from legacy, non-relational and relational databases to data marts and big data warehouses—residing on diverse platforms such as IBM® mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries® (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and the cloud. With more than 150 database adapters, CONNX is the only solution you need to unlock your enterprise data wherever it resides.

Key benefits.

Seamlessly replicate and synchronize data across legacy, RDBMS, big data and the cloud

Save costs by using only one solution to connect data across cloud and on-premises environments

Transform legacy data sources, such as RMS, Oracle Codasyl DBMS, Oracle Rdb, VSAM™, IMS™ or Db2®, and synchronize them to Snowflake

Integrate data in near real-time

Get up and running fast, within hours of connecting source and target

Reduce manual operations

Quickly adapt data transformation to changing requirements

Take the next step.

Realize how you can replicate all of your data sources to Snowflake® Try CONNX!

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