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CONNX SQL Data Access and Replication for OpenVMS

Grant your users an enterprise-wide view of data that is easily understood and accessible by standard SQL applications. CONNX provides real-time, read/write access to data from RMS files, Oracle Rdb, Oracle CODASYL DBMS and Oracle running on OpenVMS.

Enhance your business applications running on OpenVMS by providing your data to the people, tools, applications and processes that need it in real-time with CONNX.

Business users can conduct real-time business analysis of your data from their desktops by using standard SQL applications, such as SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, CONNX InfoNaut, Crystal Reports, Access, Excel and Tableau.

Partners, customers and employees can integrate their data with your data, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, and deliver it to cloud and mobile apps.

Add CONNX DataSync and keep your data up to date without impacting the performance of your data sources. DataSync delivers near real-time data integration by incrementally updating only those records that have changed.

Key Benefits

  • Open your data to new channels, applications and business services with greater ease
  • Give business users direct access to real-time data through SQL-based business intelligence, KPI and dashboard tools
  • Boost productivity of users and developers by providing direct access to data across the enterprise when they need it
  • Access data via ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC and .NET
  • Keep your data warehouses in sync by adding DataSync
  • Optimize your reporting with transformations that shape your data
  • Eliminate the need for large and resource-intensive bulk data refreshes by synchronizing data incrementally
  • Lower your operational costs
  • Preserve your investments

    CONNX Features

    SQL support
    CONNX for OpenVMS data sources supports ANSI SQL, giving you the ability to write powerful and complex SQL statements and perform seamless, heterogeneous joins between RMS, Oracle Rdb, Oracle CODASYL DBMS, Oracle and most other data sources. You can create simple queries and highly complex reports using standard SQL commands.

    CONNX data dictionary
    The CONNX data dictionary is a central metadata dictionary that stores all metadata for data sources and targets. It allows you to import and re-use existing data definitions and metadata enabling SQL data access to the desktop, the cloud and mobile applications.

    Enterprise views and federated joins
    View data from relational, non-relational, networked, hierarchical, object and flat-file data sources through a single, easy-to-use SQL-based interface. Data appears as if it existed in a single, federated relational database.

    Distributed processing
    Reduce workload placed on the OpenVMS Server by distributing query processing. CPU-intensive operations are performed where the CONNX client resides (i.e. Linux, UNIX or Windows), while allowing the database engine on the server to perform the tasks for which it is best suited.

    CONNX DataSync Features

    Automated data synchronization
    DataSync lets you synchronize your data sources and data warehouses with minimal effort and minimal system requirements. You can continuously refresh your data with near real-time integration.

    Full change data capture
    Keep your data up to date with a micro-batch, low-latency change-data-capture that incrementally updates only those records that have changed.

    Built-in scheduler
    Optimize system performance based on your organizationís needs by setting your update schedule to meet demand. You can schedule updates for low-use periods (i.e., after normal business hours) or as frequently as every minute when you need the most up-to-date data available.

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