Generix Limited Announces Release of CONNX DataSync Transformation Server.

We are pleased to announce that the release of CONNX DataSync Transformation Server adds full ETL capabilities to CONNX DataSync

“CONNX DataSync Transformation Server extends our proven data integration and synchronisation technology. Customers can now easily join any database table columns from many data sources, transform columns and incrementally synchronise target databases. This will save companies time and money with a quick ROI”, said Leonard Klejnow, Director of Business Development at Generix Limited.


Key Features of CONNX DataSync Transformation Server

  • Ease of Use – Intrinsic GUI allows users to complete a synchronization build quickly without extensive training.
  • Live Incremental Updates – The Change Data Capture (CDC) technology in CONNX enables replications of complex transformations, including joins, unions, and aggregations, incrementally. This means that data can be updated throughout the day without any disruption of the source tables, or the target tables. The Target tables are not dropped and repopulated, so users can continue to query the data uninterrupted.
  • SQL Data Access Engine – Easily solves the complex problem of accessing and joining dissimilar data stores residing on UNIX, Windows, OpenVMS or Mainframe servers by leveraging our secure, scalable and time-tested SQL Data Access engine.

“Datasync Transformation Server was designed with Ease of Use in mind from the very start. A common factor with other ETL solutions on the market, was the high learning curve and inability to incrementally synchronise data. Companies can now achieve this easily with one solution”, said Anthony Lightfoot, Product Manager at Generix Limited.


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