CONNX supports JAVA with CONNX® 8.3 release

CONNX today announced the release of the latest edition of CONNX® data access middleware – CONNX 8.3 – which will add support for the JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity) standard enabling data access from any Java supported platform.

CONNX functions as a single master data access engine that gives users single point instant access to data from multiple enterprise sources – in real time without expensive programming or disruption to existing systems. CONNX acts as a data access framework, which allows data from multiple databases to be accessed as if it existed in one relational database. In addition to support for JDBC, CONNX also provides an ODBC interface to DB2, Digital RMS, Codasyl DBMS, Oracle Rdb, Oracle RDBMS, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DataFlex/PowerFlex, and any ODBC/OLEDB compliant data source. More than 3,000 organizations worldwide use CONNX products to reduce the development time and maintenance costs associated with using disparate databases.

This latest release of CONNX adds support for the JDBC standard as well as some significant performance enhancements. CONNX users can now access data sources from any platform that supports JAVA through a platform-specific Java Development Kit (JDK), including MacOS, Unix, Linux, OS/390, OS/400, and Alpha VMS. This can enable applications running on mainframes or non-windows platforms to access databases residing on other systems within the enterprise, as well as allow web users to securely access enterprise data served by non-windows web servers such as Apache or Netscape. JDKs for specific platforms are usually available for download on the platform vendor’s website. A type 3 JDBC Driver is included in this release. CONNX 8.3 also marks the release of CONNX new FTL technology, which provides transparent optimization of non-optimal queries created through reporting tools or direct user entry. This technology is expected to provide users with significant performance gains when issuing queries against CONNX data sources. Benchmark testing has revealed performance increases of greater than 400% on the optimized queries. CONNX 8.3 also shipped with several new Java and Visual Basic-based sample applications designed to assist users in developing their own CONNX-based applications.

“CONNX 8.2 allowed organizations to integrate most backend data sources seamlessly. This latest version builds on that capability by allowing access from virtually any platform – making CONNX truly universal across client and backend systems,” said Jon-Jacques Umphrey, senior product manager for SolutionsIQ’s Software Products Division.

“Many businesses have either intentionally or inadvertently adopted a ‘best of breed’ approach to systems. Integrating those systems in order to leverage their most accurate, up-to-the-minute data and create a complete picture of the organization is necessary to allow informed fast decisions. Technologies like data warehousing, XML and MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) all attempt to solve this problem by incrementally moving data. CONNX allows this to happen virtually, in real-time with out having to create and move data files around,” Umphrey added.

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