CONNX Solutions Announces 9.0 Release

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access management and integration software solutions, today announces the release of CONNX 9.0, the latest version of its flagship product.
The new release contains many major new additions.

“This release demonstrates continued efforts to enhance our software for our customers and to address the expanding requirements of the Enterprise Information Integration (EII) marketplace,” says John Andrews, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

The CONNX .NET Data Provider is officially included in this release.

It can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio .NET 2003 to quickly develop Web applications.

New RPC functionality for VMS, OS/390, and VSE data sources has been included in the release. By adding SQL support, in addition to its existing OLE support, CONNX extends the reach of CONNX RPCs to ODBC, OLE DB, .NET, and JDBC. Additionally, the RPC input and output data can be cleanly mapped using the CONNX Data Dictionary utility.

This simplifies the RPC process and enables CONNX to automatically perform data conversions and parameter marshalling.

New Data Types

CONNX now has more than 400 data types, some of which have been custom-made to customer specifications.

New Data Sources Supported

CONNX 9.0 includes support for Adabas, a high-speed Software AG database system.The new product is called the Adabas SQL Gateway, also known as CONNX for Adabas.Through the Adabas SQL Gateway, Software AG’s Adabas customers will be able to boost productivity by accessing data directly from Adabas through popular PC-based SQL reporting tools such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, or Excel spreadsheets.The initial release of the product supported Adabas on IBM OS/390 and z/OS platforms, as well as Adabas for Windows. The second release, which will be available by the end of the year, includes support for the 64-bit AIX platform and many new features, including a precompiler (Adabas users only) and support for Dynamic DDL.

Also New in 9.0 is support for VSAM / QSAM / PDS data sources in the CONNX for VSAM module, first included in CONNX version 8.7; as well as the newly completed CONNX for D-ISAM, and CONNX for MicroFocus COBOL modules, which provide secure, real-time, read/write access to D-ISAM and MicroFocus data on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, and other UNIX platforms.

Additionally, numerous feature requests have been implemented, including Java support for several new CONNX connection parameters, increased performance enhancements to the CONNX Data Synchronization tool, and support for the Barnard TCP/IP stack, available now to users of the CONNX for VSAM/VSE module. These and the many other features contained within this release add performance, functionality, and ease of use to CONNX. This release contains all previous enhancements and resolved issues. Please see previous release notes for enhancements contained within those versions.

CONNX Data Synchronization Tool for Changed Data Capture

The CONNX Data Synchronization Tool for Changed Data Capture was introduced with CONNX 8.8. This software system allows for automatic creation of reporting servers, load balancing, and heavily automated database migrations, as well as many other potential uses. In CONNX 9.0, many performance enhancements have been added that increase functionality and speed.


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