SQL Data Access and Replication for OpenVMS.

Enhance your business applications on OpenVMS by providing your data to the people, tools, applications and processes that need it in real-time with CONNX.

CONNX provides secure, real-time, read/write access to your data stored in RMS files, Oracle Rdb and Oracle Codasyl DBMS on all current OpenVMS platforms and coming soon support for x86.

Business users can conduct real-time business analysis of your data from their desktops by using standard SQL applications, such as SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, CONNX InfoNaut Professional, Crystal Reports, Access, CONNX Add-on for Excel and Tableau.

Partners, customers and employees can integrate their data with your data, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, and deliver it to the cloud and mobile apps.

Use CONNX DataSync and keep your data warehouses and data lakes up to date without impacting the performance of your source data. DataSync delivers near real-time data synchronization by incrementally updating only those records that have changed.

Key benefits

  • Open your data to new channels, applications and business services with greater ease.
  • Give business users direct access to real-time data through SQL based business intelligence, KPI and dashboard tools.
  • Access your data via ODBC, OLE DB, .NET and JDBC.
  • Build GUI or Web front-end interfaces with current technologies.
  • Reuse existing business logic with current technologies to quickly provide a new presentation layer to users.
  • Eliminate the need for large and resource-intensive bulk data refreshes by synchronizing data incrementally.
  • Lower your operational costs.
  • Preserve your investments.

But this is by no means the limit of CONNX’s capabilities. If you have specific OpenVMS data access or replication challenges that you need to address, talk to the Generix team – we’ll be able to discuss your unique requirements in greater detail.