CONNX announces new support for DB2 databases with the unveiling of CONNX® 8.2

CONNX today announced the launch of its new edition of CONNX® data access middleware – CONNX 8.2 – which will add support for IBM’s recent and current versions of DB2 database on the following platforms: Linux; OS/2; Warp Server 4.0;Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0; OS/400; MVS; and OS/390.

CONNX functions as a single, master data access engine that gives PC users instant access to data from multiple enterprise sources – in real time and without expensive programming or disruption to existing systems. CONNX is more than just an ODBC driver because it presents data from multiple databases as one relational database. In addition to support for DB2, CONNX also supports native access to Digital RMS, Digital DBMS, Oracle Rdb, Oracle RDBMS on all platforms, and DataFlex/PowerFlex. More than 3,000 organizations worldwide use CONNX products to reduce the development time and maintenance costs associated with using disparate databases.

The CONNX 8.2 DB2 Module can transform dynamic SQL statements into pre-compiled static SQL statements. This is a distinct advantage to system and database administrators, who can limit queries to only include static SQL statements, thereby ensuring faster and more secure database access.

The introduction of the dynamic SQL Cacheing feature also separates CONNX 8.2 from its competitors. Over the life of a connection, CONNX collects every SQL statement that has been executed at least once. If a statement is used again, CONNX can easily recognize and swiftly re-execute the statement. As the use of a statement increases, so does its performance and execution speed.

CONNX 8.2 supports stored procedure execution across all DB2 platforms. The stored procedures can be implemented in compiled languages such as IBM Assembler, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/I, and RPG, or in interpreted languages such as Java or OS/400 CL. CONNX 8.2 for DB2 provides full support for stored procedures which return one or more result sets.
CONNX 8.2 implements the X/Open DRDA AR (Distributed Relational Database Access Application Requester) functionality. A full range of connectivity options is supported, including native TCP/IP via the Winsock API; APPC / LU 6.2 via third-party SNA vendor software, including Attachmate EXTRA!; IBM Communications Server 5.0 and 6.0; Microsoft SNA Server 4.0; Novell NetWare for SAA 4.0; and Wall Data RUMBA allowing IT departments the choice of connectivity option.

CONNX 8.2 supports OS/400 Command-Line execution from an ODBC client. When connected to an OS/400 target via any ODBC-compliant application and CONNX 8.2 for DB2, authorized users can submit OS/400 commands to the target host.

Because CONNX is open-standards based, it can be used by common PC applications such as MS Access, Excel, Word, Lotus, Cognos, Brio and Crystal reports, or development tools such as Visual Studio.

“One of the most complex challenges that businesses are faced with is finding a technology that allows them to leverage their most accurate, up-to-the-minute data so they can make smart, fast decisions and increase their business savvy,” said Jon-Jacques Umphrey, product manager for CONNX.

“With CONNX, businesses don’t have to limit themselves to the tools they use to access their DB2 and legacy data,” Umphrey added. “CONNX allows enterprise users secure, transparent access to the data they need in real-time, regardless of its origin.”

Because of the CONNX Common Data Dictionary®, CONNX allows end users to use their tool of choice to access data, and have it instantly presented as if it were all coming from a single, enterprise spanning, relational database. The Data Dictionary contains metadata about the source information and provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) screen for easy management of metadata, security and views.

CONNX not only respects existing database security, it provides an additional level of security through individual user, group, row, field and table security options. Additionally, the CONNX Data Dictionary is encrypted to secure sensitive information.

CONNX is currently available for Digital RMS, Digital DBMS, Oracle Rdb, Oracle RDBMS on all platforms, SQL Server and DataFlex/PowerFlex. A recently released OLEDB Adapter Module provides support for any OLEDB or ODBC compliant data source for which a CONNX module does not already exist. Direct Support for Sybase, Informix, CISAM and VSAM databases is scheduled for release in April 2000.

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