CONNX 13.8 adds even more features to help you manage your data.

Generix Limited is delighted to announce the release of CONNX 13.8 which adds even more features to help you manage your data.

Our real-time database replication solution, CONNX InstantdbSync, has been enhanced to include Oracle® as a source database. This is in addition to the existing support for SQL Server®, and MySQL®.

For fans of Docker® containers, CONNX has added functionality to enable data access and integration for containers.

CONNX now offers more complete cloud support with the addition of Amazon Redshift. These features and many other enhancements improve the capabilities and experience for our customers.

InstantdbSync The fresher the data, the better the decisions you can make; that was our reason for creating CONNX InstantdbSync. If you’re basing decisions on stale data, your company will always be a few steps behind.

With InstantdbSync easy to use real-time database replication you will be able to enhance business efficiency and make better business decisions by keeping your source systems in sync with your target data sources enabling access to up-to-date data.

For CONNX 13.8, we’ve added Oracle® as a real-time source on Windows® as well as Linux®. Using a new native CONNX for Oracle driver, you can now achieve real-time database replication from Oracle to supported target data sources.

Docker containers support

If you’re looking for OS level-virtualization, more commonly known as “containerization,” CONNX has you covered. Many businesses have found the benefits of bundling integration packages and deploying them as independently running Docker containers within a cloud environment.

New for 13.8, CONNX has added increased functionality for Docker containers. The C-ISAM® and DISAM data servers can now all run in a Docker container, as well as the CONNX JDBC® and license servers. This new support for Docker containers enables faster deployments and many more advantages to your businesses IT infrastructure.

Amazon Redshift support

CONNX has been allowing users to connect to the major cloud-computing services like Amazon RDS, Microsoft® Azure® and others for some time. With CONNX 13.8, we now offer more complete cloud support with the addition of CONNX for Amazon Redshift.

Part of the larger AWS cloud-computing platform, Amazon Redshift is an internet hosting and data warehousing tool. Amazon Redshift is tailored to handle large data sets and migrations. Users often choose Amazon Redshift over RDS for its superior analytics capabilities.

CONNX helps users looking to enhance their environments with a hybrid (on-premises/cloud) infrastructure, or looking to move to the cloud.

Data access and replication from on-premises to the cloud, cloud to on-premises, or cloud-to-cloud is now possible with CONNX 13.8 as well as data warehousing to relational (RDS) or columnar (Amazon Redshift) data sources.

CONNX now offers full support for all the Amazon and Azure data sources.

Additional enhancements/improved support for:

  • Enhanced replication administrator
  • Command line options to replication controller
  • SSL for connections between clients and servers
  • Upgraded security


“CONNX has you covered with data access, integration, replication, migration, data warehousing, data lakes or any of your other data needs”, said Anthony Lightfoot, Product Manager at Generix Limited.


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