CONNX 11 enables support for 64-bit Windows, Unique 32/64-bit bridge, RM/Cobol ISAM files and On Demand Connectivity.

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access management and integration software solutions, announces the release of CONNX 11. This release enables support for 64-bit Windows, Unique 32/64-bit bridge, RM/Cobol ISAM files and On Demand Connectivity.


CONNX 64-Bit Windows Support

CONNX enables you to take advantage of the scalability and performance gains of 64-bit applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. This new support means that the CONNX ODBC/OLE DB Drivers and .NET Data provider can be used in developing 64-bit or 32-bit applications.

“We have had many requests for a 64-bit driver to work with 64-bit SQL Server Linked server, 64-bit Oracle heterogeneous data access and other 64-bit applications, and we are pleased that we can deliver this technology,” said Larry McGhaw, the CTO & VP of Engineering.


Unique 32/64-bit ODBC/OLE DB Bridge

CONNX 11 also provides a unique 32/64-bit ODBC/OLE DB Bridge which enables you to access 32-bit data sources from 64-bit applications, and 64-bit data sources from 32-bit applications.


Speed and Ease Of Use Improvements

  • Performance for CONNX server components has been increased up to 20%, and a reduction in CPU usage.
  • Infonaut/Professional 64-bit support which includes a new query builder.


Expanded SQL Support Improvements

  • Expanded SQL Support in CONNX Views. CONNX Views now supports SQL Distinct, Aggregates, Unions, Subqueries, and Subtables.
  • Temp Table Support. CONNX now supports the creation of true temporary tables. These tables are session based and are removed when the connection is closed. Temp tables provide a way to perform complex calculations that require intermediate storage.
  • Subquery as a Table Support. CONNX now supports the ability to treat a subquery as a table. This powerful SQL feature enables complex SQL statements to be written simply and with better understanding and performance.


Support for RM/Cobol

CONNX now supports direct access to RM/Cobol ISAM files, in addition to Micro Focus ISAM files.

IMS support for COBOL copybooks

In addition to importing IMS metadata directly from IMS data structures, the metadata can now be imported from COBOL copybooks.

On Demand Connectivity

With the ‘On Demand Connectivity’ feature, CONNX will speed up the initial connection time to CONNX by only connecting to those databases specified within the query and not all of the databases it is currently accessing. As a result, you can now establish a faster connection through CONNX when accessing a large grouping of data sources, but only querying a few.


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