Come and join us at the 2019 OpenVMS Update Sessions.

Come and join us at the 2019 OpenVMS Update Sessions.This is an event you should not miss! It is an opportunity for you to find out directly from ourselves, Oracle, VSI and other OpenVMS Community members what their plans are and the opportunities available to you and your organization. Attending will provide you with essential information for your business to plan its future.

When? Friday, May 10 from 09:00

Where? In person at the Oracle Office, One South Place, London or attend remotely.

To view the agenda and register, please go to Oracle. For more details on what will be presented, see the Session Abstracts below.

Attending remotely, please email [email protected] after you have registered, saying that you will be a remote attendee. You will then receive the web conference details.

This event will give you a unique opportunity to engage with Generix, Oracle, VSI and the other presenters. You can also schedule a 1-1 meeting following the event for more private discussions.

Session Abstracts:

Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Product Update
The Oracle Rdb team has had a busy and productive year so far with 6 different product-family releases since January! This includes an Rdb Database release that gives you a significant performance enhancement when running in the Oracle Cloud. Come hear all about these things plus other exciting work underway in this session.

UK OpenVMS User Group Update
Hear about the group’s activities and plans for this year. Not yet a member? We’ll tell you how to join.

VSI General Update
VMS Software Incorporated has been busy since their last visit to the UK and this is your chance to hear exactly what they’ve been working on. This presentation will provide information about the recent decision by HPE to discontinue selling new VSI OpenVMS products and support services and direct customers directly to VSI and its partners going forward. It will outline the most recent roadmap and product developments in the VSI portfolio and also bring you up to date with VSI’s expansion within Europe over the past year.

The VSI and Oracle Cloud with AVTWare
Think you need to wait for OpenVMS to become available on x86 before you can move to the Cloud? Think again. In this session we’ll show you how the cloud is a reality today for OpenVMS customers and we’ll explain how a collaborative effort between Oracle, VSI and AVTWare provided the proof point. We’ll give you a live demo and explain the price/performance advantages of the Oracle Cloud.

Charon Emulation Performance With Oracle Rdb In the Oracle Cloud
Imagine performance in an emulated OpenVMS Cloud environment that surpasses what you can achieve with your on-prem systems! This session will show you how this is possible thanks to Oracle’s HPC (High Performance Cloud) offering and a recent collaborative engineering effort between Software Concepts International, Oracle, Stromasys and VSI.

Oracle 11g and Oracle 19 Port Status
The port of Oracle 19 to OpenVMS is in full swing. Come hear from one of the engineers on the project about the latest developments and what you can expect to come.

VSI Technical Update
Building upon the information provided in the VSI general update, this material will delve deeper into the current status of the OpenVMS port to x86. It will also cover some interesting projects that run alongside the overall porting effort. The other topics will include details about:

  • New IDE extensions about to enter field test, that will simplify and modernize development for the OpenVMS platform
  • Projects currently under investigation
  • Recently released capabilities that may help with integration of existing OpenVMS applications within current customer environments without having to port or rewrite valuable application code.

From Alpha to Integrity VSI OpenVMS: A Case study.
This session walks us through a transition from Alpha to the current Itanium-based Integrity platform with a business critical application, looking at the technical challenges and the business case for making that transition. While migration was surprisingly smooth, some hidden potholes with a couple of unexpected diversions makes for an interesting ride. Important considerations are careful planning and thinking about what could possibly go wrong.

CONNX Solutions for OpenVMS
You have seen the commitment made by partners to support your investments into the future, BUT… How can you enhance your business applications running on OpenVMS ? Find out how CONNX can help you provide your data to the people, tools, applications and processes that need it in real-time. Partners, customers and employees can integrate their data with yours, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, and deliver it to cloud and mobile apps.

The assisted evaluation program will prove how you can use CONNX to enhance investments in your existing applications and enterprise data on OpenVMS to keep your systems evolving to meet your current and future needs.

We hope you will join us!


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