International Card Enterprises web-enables its legacy applications with CONNX® and Oracle®

International Card Enterprises (ICE) has been one of the world's leading providers of fleet card management and service solutions to major oil companies since 1983. ICE currently operates card management schemes across 24 countries.

The Business Challenge

Keith Laverick, IT Director describes their situation:

“Our transaction processing and billing systems reside on VAX and Alpha servers with RMS data files. We process almost 2 million transactions a month in over 30 currencies. In order to respond to business requirements we needed to modernise the front-end and, through the Web, make it available to a larger user base across the world.

“We needed a rapid, scaleable, cost effective way of ‘web-enabling’ our existing business logic with minimal software change! We also wanted to migrate to modern development tools.”

The Solution

“CONNX for RMS from Generix provided a modern solution by integrating the new with the old, i.e. the communication mechanism between new Web Forms written in Oracle Developer and our existing VMS business logic.

“We evaluated a number of technologies but none of them offered the flexibility, functionality and security of CONNX, particularly its Remote Procedure Call (RPC) functionality.CONNX offered high performance and its great strength is the ability to seamlessly integrate new functionality“.

ICE have added Oracle security, multi-language support and phonetic searching with minimal effort.

“CONNX offers a controlled migration path.”

Benefits Achieved

  • CONNX enables ICE to retain the investment in their existing applications.
  • CONNX provides seamless integration with new functionality with minimal disruption.
  • CONNX offers high performance and cost effectiveness.
  • CONNX integrated with ICE’s new development tools with minimal learning curve for the staff.


The Future

ICE is in the process of implementing CONNX for their biggest customer, to support a pan-European business of over 1 million cards.

“Support from Generix has been excellent. It took less than a day from our initial phone call to the start of our evaluation, set-up was easy and any issues were quickly resolved. Generix are always pro-active in providing us with information and help.”

- Keith Laverick, IT Director

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